Rabu, 26 April 2017

What came after 13 Reasons Why?

Higher level of depression.

JK. Hahaha

A week before I watched 13 Reasons Why, I just finished Bones Season 12. Last season of Bones after years I watched it since high school. I equally spent my time on both series. But, watching 13 Reasons Why felt really slow. "damn dude, just finish the tape, Clay!" Hahaha.

I was excited when some friends talked about it on their home line post. "A series about suicide? Definitely gonna watch it." I expected it as a good series. And it actually is. It basically talk about everything around us that we choose to overlook everyday. Bullying, rape, consent.

Some people really need to learn about consent. If you think consent is about sex only, you got it totally wrong. Everything needs your consent. You want it, you don't want it. It can be disaster if you do something (that you think it will be good) for someone without their consent. You can see it when Ryan published Hannah's poem, even when Hannah rejected it. He thought it was a good that people read Hannah's poem because it is a good poem. Other than appreciate it, instead people talked about it as an erotic thing. And it made Hannah more stressed out. It can be happening anytime anywhere to anyone. You and me. We think we do good for people, but it actually violate their privacy. We do it without their consent, or even they actually say that they don't want it. We do harm, instead.

It says more about bullying. "you should be proud, Hannah. You made it to the hot list" shit people say. It is a catcall. Catcall is sexual harassment. You should stop saying it is a compliment. Rape is not compliment. Sexual assault never be a compliment, as seen as because you're hot, you're beautiful, you're cute etc.

It says more about what we do always affect something else, someone else. Seriously, I like this series because finally people look at suicide as result of people who do bad things. Not just a person who give up. Some of us often judge people who choose to kill themselves. But we never really look beyond it. What actually happen? Why they choose it? Is there anyone who help them through bad things? Can we help? Did I do bad things to them? Did I also part of the reason they did it? Did I kill them? No, most people don't ask these questions. Do you know what comes after suicide? More bullying. "Lemah sih" "Gitu aja bunuh diri" "Yaudah sana mati aja" and so on. But, it is important thing to remember that after all, it still their decision to kill themselves. We can feel guilty because we do bad things to them, but it should be a reminder to do good for other people.

After all, suicide never solve problems. It passes the sadness from one to another. From the person who kill themselves to their family and loved ones. It just hurt more people. And what can we do? Help others.

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