Jumat, 04 November 2016

Nov 4th 2016, in Jakarta.

My parents worried all over the place about today. My workplace is not that near from the crowded took place. I have a thing today, a good thing to do. I am excited about it, but they told me to not go. Just go home after work, don't go anywhere else.

My aunt told her women employee to wear pants today, so they can run whatever happens. She also wear pants and sport shoes. I was not afraid the way they are. I didn't think it will be really scary out there.

Last night, I still wanted to go. I prepared what I have to bring. I was excited. I thought they just worried too much.

But with everything all over my social media, I think they are reasonable, because they know how 1998 happened. I don't remember and I didn't see it by myself. I just remember my mother complained about how expensive things were.

You can see everyone stood up for the way they think. I went to good school, the best I could get and my parents could pay. I am surrounded by smart people. Mostly, they can speak beautifully. They used their knowledge to support what way they choose. This is why I thought I will be fine. "It will be just one good day." But, some people showed me how violent out there. People trash-talked. Spread the hatred. I cringed.

God is perfect, human is the one who need God's protection.

After all, we believe what we want to believe. We see what we want to see. We hear what we want to hear.

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