Sabtu, 02 Agustus 2014

oops, I am sorry.

I don't know exactly, but perhaps you've ever been in this kind of situation. So it is okay to have your own story and opinion about my story.
It took a long time, for me, to make it right. and, it will be a long story to write, because it is just the beginning. hmm, okay....I will tell you..about him.

I have ever been in the stage of love-life that I called "all the time questioning about: how can people who, in one time, loved each other, and now they grow apart?". Then I moved to the stage of love-life that I called "I understand the story of 5 Centimetres per Second anime and 500 Days of Summer". Then I moved to the stage of love-life that I called "cry everytime I watch You're The Apple of My Eyes". Then I moved to the stage of love-life that I called "I, finally, can stop singing broken heart songs".

And yes, you know how it works when you feel it by yourself. You know how people fall in love. You know why people can't grow up together, even they don't want to. And yes, this is how life goes on. So many thing we didn't want to happen, but it happened anyway. The only thing we have to do is accept it.

blah. I talked too much, eh?

So, I met this guy. Well, he is smart, but there are much more guy who are smarter than him. hahaha. He is not a good-looking-guy, definitely. When I met him, he was fat. Umm, wrong. He was big. And then, he lost some kilograms, successfully.

I tell you, you just know when you fall.

Well, yes, it took years to move on and prepare myself to fall one more time. And this was not easy, I know. I changed a lot. I tried to open myself. I tried to understand myself.

Because he waited patiently. He waited for me through the bad times. The heartbreak time, the love-is-a-made-up-thing time. He was there all the time. He tried to say "hi, you have me" everytime i suffered and felt all alone. I ignored him, most of time. But he stayed.

And they are right that when you wait patiently, it will be sweet, eventually. I trust him. I tell him what I really feel. I tell him when I am afraid of many things around me, that the world is a bad place for me. I tell him when I am wondering of many ideas, that the world can be a better place to stay. I tell him, because I am not afraid anymore. I am not afraid that he will leave me because my life is full of trouble. Because I know he will give me the sweetest smile, not the argument and question that I am not ready to get.

He is not the best man I know. But, we always do it, right? Make a list called "I want a man who..." then we fall for someone who perhaps have only 2 out of 20. Because you just fall. You don't fall for someone because he is the best man in the world. Because you just fall.

it is so cheesy, i know. i am sorry.

sorry for grammatical errors and the 'typo' things.

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