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Gabriel is set in Purgatory, a dark, smoky-looking realm for souls stuck between heaven and hell. Fighting over Purgatory and its ruin of a city are two groups: seven archangels and seven fallen angels. Gabriel, the archangel of the title, is sent to Purgatory to reclaim the realm for heaven.

He faces two challenges: first, defeating the forces of evil, led by the powerful Sammael (Dwaine Stevenson); and second, inhabiting a human body, with all its frailties and emotions.

As Uriel, Gabriel's ally, says: "I hate this place ... I hate myself ... and before I arrived, I didn't even know what that feeling was."

"The [angels] haven't had to control their emotions before, things like love and hate," Abbess says. "If you've neverm had anger before, it's such a strong emotion.

"It's easy for the angels to [judge people] because they've never been human before. Gabriel realises being human is harder than anything."

"Gabriel's very naive," says Andy Whitfield, who holds the film together with his commanding performance as Gabriel. "He's like a bull. He's got a big heart and he's strong but he's naive."

Whitfield says playing an angel was "overwhelming". He decided at the beginning that Gabriel was "going to be on a fairly lonely journey. So I didn't socialise. I didn't have a laugh with the cameraman. I tried to stay in character. I would sit [on the set] with my iPod on."

Gabriel cuts a swathe through the opposition with his guns, fighting his way towards Sammael. Along the way he battles Asmodeus, cheekily played by Michael Piccirilli

ganteng ! haha. baru kali ini aku keranjingan begini. sedikit aku ulas deh, meskipun ga ad yang minat baca juga gapapa deh xP. aku lyt film ini kmren, itu pun ga sengaja. kl ga salah ad d cinemax, aku lg pengen nntn tv dn ga ad csi jam segitu, jd cari2 film gitu, nemu gabriel.. biasanya aku ga suka film thriller gini, tp aku lytnya wkt gak sadis, makanya tetep nntn. wkt sadisnya kluar aku wes kadung nge fans sama yang jadi gabriel, yo lanjut ae hahahaha.. wes wes ternyata aku jadi cwe beneran skrg -lho?-. dulu lho aku nglyt cwo ganteng it biasa aja. tp kok skrg bs lebay gt haha.

ya wes begitu dulu deh hihi :p

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