Senin, 09 Juni 2014

you told me that past was so much better.

you were wrong.
everything is changing every second. if it is the past which is better, then why does it become 'past' not 'present'?

i don't know why you look like hate the present. i don't know why you close your eyes and imagine the day you spent with your past, still. and i can't understand why you don't look forward. are you waiting something punch you in the face so you will open your eyes and see there is a tree in front of you? no, i don't know that i still can laugh.

all we have to do is letting it happen. new books become old books. new phone becomes stupid phone. young becomes 40s. you can't ask God to stop the time just because you like your past more than your present. there is always reason why God take it from us....because we changed and it didnt fit us anymore. because God give us better things. because God know we can let it go and be strong to accept it.

you know, the thing that happened to us are not important. guess what is more important that that? the way we see it and react to it.

i am not saying it because saying it is easy. no. because i know you listen to me. after all this time, you still.

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